The Band

WTF!?! 2015+

WTF!?! “You think you know, but you have NO IDEA…”

Christina Stavrou: Lead Vocals
Rich Weiner: Guitar/Vocals
Rich Tanis: Bass/Vocals
Roy Van Tassel: Drums

“Why WTF!?! What does it mean? What the F**K? Well, that’s clever…” No, folks, we are simply put, WTF!?! An interpretive band with an interpretive name. We are all about the experience, and that is what we convey to our audience at each and every show. Impact. Movement. Energy. And maybe, just maybe, leave you thinking, “What the F***K!?!”

WTF!?! has an undeniable vibe and chemistry and wanted to stand out from the cover band crowd. Thus, THAT is “You think you know, but you have NO IDEA…” We play fun music, familiar favorites, deeper tracks that no other band will tackle, and we mix it all up with everything from 90’s rock to current radio hits, 60’s and 70’s to glam from the 80’s. We cover it all and we do it with STYLE.

With a killer set list, WTF!?! has put together a show that will keep you on your feet wanting more, and continually asking yourself, “What the F**K!?!” Come on out and see what everyone is talking about…